Inpatient behavioral health care in Trinity, Florida

At Medical Center of Trinity, our specialists help patients achieve mental and emotional well-being. We promote individualized recovery through compassionate care in a safe, therapeutic environment.

Our behavioral health professionals are available 24/7 to provide immediate evaluations in our Pasco, Hillsborough and northern Pinellas counties.

For more information on our inpatient mental health care program, please call our center at 727-834-5700.

If you need to talk to someone or request a referral, please call us at (844) 423-4283. We are available at this line 24/7.

Complete psychiatric and psychosocial assessments

Our emergency evaluations are confidential, one-on-one and available 24/7. Our expert evaluators assess a patient's psychiatric and psychosocial health to ensure that patients get the right treatment at the right time.

Assessments may include:

  • Psychiatric evaluation with a physician
  • Psychosocial assessment with a licensed mental health professional
  • Interview with a physician
  • Interview with a mental health therapist
  • Verbal or written assessments
  • Medical evaluation
  • Recreational assessment
  • Interview with a discharge planner

Inpatient psychiatric admissions

Patients are welcome to come in or call about our inpatient mental health services. Conversations regarding admissions are confidential.

Patients may also be referred by:

  • Clergy, community agencies, educators and employers
  • Family members and friends
  • Psychiatrists, physicians, psychologists and mental health professionals
  • The judicial system

We help with admission for patients who meet the behavioral health center's admission criteria. Our staff assists with paperwork and other details, smoothing the transition to treatment and minimizing delays.

Inpatient psychiatric care

We individualize each patient's treatment plan to their specific needs. Our inpatient program may include:

  • Daily individual psychotherapy sessions with a board-certified psychiatrist
  • Daily group therapy sessions with experienced therapists
  • Discharge planning for the transition to home or care facility
  • Behavioral health education and therapy for families
  • Intensive medication management
  • Medical services as necessary for other health concerns
  • 24/7 nursing care by registered nurses who are certified in psychiatric care

Individual therapy

Our psychiatrists and licensed therapists offer individual therapy sessions on an inpatient basis. Patients can schedule individual therapy sessions daily with a psychiatrist.

Group therapy

We hold group therapy sessions throughout each day for inpatients. Our days start with a community and goals group, so we begin our days on a positive note together. Our days end with a wrap-up group wherein we discuss the events and challenges of the day. In between those groups we offer a variety of group therapies, including pet therapy. These groups cover topics such as:

  • Psychotherapeutic skills
  • Mental health processing
  • Medication and health information
  • Activities and recreation
  • Life skills
  • Therapy and processing
  • Coping strategies

Family involvement

We treat the whole person, not just the health condition, and we involve family members in the patient's treatment.

These family services provide many benefits for patients and their families, including effective methods to:

  • Support someone with a mental health condition
  • Interact effectively with behavioral health professionals
  • Deal with the problems that arise when living with or supporting someone with a mental health condition
  • Take care of themselves emotionally, mentally and physically

Recreation therapy for behavioral health

We help our patients build social skills and stay active through therapist-led recreation therapy. Activities include:

  • Art
  • Outdoor activities
  • Basketball
  • Music, including karaoke and piano

Referrals for behavioral and medical treatment

After our experienced team evaluates a patient's physical and behavioral health needs, we can make referrals to an appropriate healthcare provider or facility, including:

  • Case manager
  • Medical doctor
  • Nursing home
  • Psychiatric facility
  • Psychiatrist
  • Psychologist
  • Therapist
  • Outpatient programs

Mental health facility location information

We offer inpatient care in our medical hospital setting on the West Pasco campus of Medical Center of Trinity.

Our address is:

Behavioral Health Center
Medical Center of Trinity
5637 Marine Parkway
New Port Richey, FL 34652