Coping with Dysphagia

An estimated 15 million people in the U.S. alone have been diagnosed with dysphagia, with more than a million new cases occurring annually. Unfortunately, each year nearly 60,000 people die from complications with swallowing disorders.

Current traditional methods to treat this life-altering disease provide limited degrees of success. These include conventional speech therapy, patient education, swallowing maneuvers and diet modifications, such as cutting food into small pieces or pureeing food to make it easy to pass through the throat.

Breakthrough Treatment

Medical Center of Trinity is proud to offer a breakthrough method used in the management and treatment of swallowing disorders. VitalStim is a specialized form of neuromuscular electrical stimulation that re-trains the pharyngeal muscles in the throat, essentially re-educating the functional muscle use patterns necessary to initiate or re-establish swallowing. In as little as 3 sessions, you could see a difference with dramatic improvements sometimes occurring after 20 sessions.

The staff at Medical Center of Trinity has been specially trained to provide VitalStim Therapy, and we're happy to say it's a long awaited answer to this debilitating disease. Independent reviews and studies indicate that 71 percent of patients diagnosed with dysphagia progressed to swallowing all consistencies of food with a combination of VitalStim Therapy and dilation.

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