Our surgeons and their dedicated teams have worked together for years, bringing safe, effective surgical treatments to patients in our community. We have extensive experience applying advanced techniques to treat a wide variety of condition.

Surgery at Medical Center of Trinity: Conditions We Treat

Bladder and Urologic Disorders

Colon and Rectal Disease

Endocrine Disease

Gastrointestinal (Digestive) Disorders

Gynecologic Conditions

Learn more about our services for women's health, including obstetrics and women's services.

Heart Disease

Vascular Disorders

Learn more about our heart and vascular care.

Learn more about our heart and vascular care

Other Types of Cancer

Learn more about our comprehensive cancer care

Orthopedic Conditions

Spine and Neurologic Disorders

Learn more about our spine and orthopedic services

Preoperative Education for Orthopedic Surgery

We help patients prepare for joint replacement and other orthopedic surgery with this class on what to expect before, during and after surgery. That preparation also includes:

  • A licensed physical therapist guides patients on a tour of the nursing unit where they will stay after surgery.
  • Patients meet our staff in the Spine and Orthopedics program, including nurses and physical therapists who can answer their questions.
  • We go over what patients need to do for the best possible outcome after surgery, including having a "coach" and being committed to physical therapy.

Learn more about our rehabilitation services