Medical Center of Trinity proudly announces that its 2 West Nursing Unit has been recognized as the number one performing medical/surgical unit in all of HCA. The unit is under the direction Emy Santos, RN, Nurse Director, and Greg Kennedy, RN, Nurse Manager.

HCA has established the Medical Surgical Unit of Distinction Program to recognize top performing units displaying exemplary performance in Leadership, People and Operations. Excellence in Medical-Surgical Nursing recognizes that it takes a mature performing team of clinical staff demonstrating a commitment to professional development, positive patient outcomes and adoption of efficient practices to achieve high performing results.

The Unit of Distinction Award recognizes and celebrates the individual departments that are defining Excellence in Medical-Surgical Nursing. These units will serve as role models for other HCA Medical-Surgical Departments, serving as the Units of Distinction.

For the past three years, Medical Surgical Departments have been evaluated on over 20 criteria in the categories of Leadership, People and Operations. Recognition is awarded to the top 10% and the top 5% of units in HCA across all hospitals.

2 West Nursing Unit

The 2 West Unit has been recognized for the past two years as performing in the top 10%. But Ms. Santos and Mr. Kennedy and their staff were focused on getting their team to the top, and so they did!

"I couldn't be prouder of this team. They epitomize the quality of patient care we want to be known for at Medical Center of Trinity" said Nancy Maysilles, Chief Nursing Officer.