Pasco, Hillsborough & Pinellas, Florida – The NICU team at Medical Center of Trinity has launched its Itty Bitty Book Club championing a bedside activity that will provide developmental benefits to our youngest and most fragile patients while promoting parental involvement in care. Nothing is more fundamental to the healthy growth and development of an infant than the bond they share with their parents/caregivers.

Our staff is partnering with parents and volunteers to initiate a NICU reading program designed to promote bonding and foster a healthy habit and love of reading. Reading to neonates helps advance brain development and enhance vocabulary, listening, language, and memory skills. A study published in 2018 noted that neonates who were read to displayed increased cardio-pulmonary stability throughout their NICU stay and there has been a strong correlation with early reading and prevention of developmental delays. Cultivating this type of developmentally healthy environment will benefit our patients and their families.

It is our goal that each NICU graduate and their family receive the gift of reading and our first supply of books have been graciously donated by the Medical Center of Trinity Volunteers.