Innovative Lung Cancer Screening Program at Medical Center of Trinity Helps Find Lung Cancer Early When it is Most Treatable*

Trinity, FL — November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month and a perfect time to share Medical Center of Trinity’s comprehensive Lung Cancer Screening Program. Through Incidental Findings and scheduled Low Dose CT Screening, we are finding lung cancer before it becomes symptomatic.

“A dedicated Lung Cancer Program provides great benefit to the community through early detection and with an established goal of a reduction of mortality from cancer. Our team of caregivers work together to identify cancer, establish the best course of treatment and provide ongoing support throughout the cancer journey” said Mathew Ninan, MD, Thoracic Surgery and Medical Director, Thoracic Surgery and Lung Nodule Program, HCA West Florida

Incidental Findings: Utilizing innovative technologies to detect suspicious lung nodules by analyzing CT exams which include the lungs in any of our emergency departments (Trinity, Citrus Park, Lutz, Palm Harbor), outpatient imaging and inpatient services.

Scheduled Screening: Low Dose CT Lung Screening is referred through a physician, is quick and painless, requires no needles or dye and uses less radiation than traditional CT scans. Studies have shown screening those at high risk with Low Dose CT scans before symptoms are present can find lung cancer early when it is easier to treat and more likely to be cured.

Early Detection is Key:

  • Lung cancer has the lowest 5-year survival rate at only 18% compared to breast at 90%, prostate at 99%, and colorectal at 65%. *
  • The 5-year survival rate for lung cancer drops dramatically from a stage 1 diagnosis (68-92% survival) to a stage 4 diagnosis (0-10% survival) *

Story Opportunities

  • Who should get screened for lung cancer and why?
  • What are the community benefits of a lung nodule program?
  • Minimally invasive diagnostic and surgical options to treat lung nodules.
    • Blood Test
    • Electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy
    • Minimally invasive pulmonary nodule biopsy
    • Robotic assisted lung nodule survey

Interview Opportunities

Mathew Ninan, MD, Thoracic Surgery
Medical Director, Thoracic Surgery and Lung Nodule Program
HCA West Florida

Amy Hamm, MHA, BSN, RN, NE-BC
Lung Nodule Program Coordinator
Medical Center of Trinity

Dawn Hawkins, BSN, RN
Oncology Nurse Navigator
Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute
Medical Center of Trinity

Additional Opportunities

KS Kumar, MD, Oncology - Chairperson, Cancer Committee
Medical Center of Trinity

Locke Barber, MD, Radiology - Chief of Radiology
Medical Center of Trinity