Medical Center of Trinity
December 17, 2020

Trinity, FL — Dr. Mathew Ninan was recently recognized by HCA West Florida Division for his vision, passion and commitment to growing thoracic services and technology for patients in the Tampa Bay Area.

“Dr. Mathew Ninan has brought tremendous leadership and energy to our Lung Cancer program”, said Tripp Owings, CEO of Medical Center of Trinity. “We are proud to provide our medical staff and community with the option to choose quality cancer care close to home.”

Dr. Ninan's recognitions and accomplishments include the following:

  • Established the first Lung Nodule Screening Program in the WFD utilizing Patient ID and EON Direct - November, 2019
  • Promoted the advancement in endoscopic lung navigation through the implementation of the Veran Navigation system - May, 2020
  • Lead Surgeon for the “Center of Excellence in Lung Nodule Screening Program”designation for Medical Center of Trinity - GO2 Foundation – June, 2020
  • Lead Surgeon for the “Center of Excellence for the Continuum of Care for Lung Cancer Patients” designation for Medical Center of Trinity - GO2 Foundation – July, 2020
  • Established a dedicated Thoracic Tumor Board, inclusive of six hospital facilities in the HCA West Florida Division - July, 2020
  • Named West Florida Division Medical Director Thoracic Surgery and Lung Nodule Programs – July, 2020
  • Promoted achievement as the American College of Radiology designation for the Medical Center of Trinity Lung Cancer Screening Center – July, 2020
  • Established the Medical Center of Trinity Thoracic Leadership Committee, a subcommittee of the COC Cancer Committee - September, 2020
  • Promoted all Medical Center of Trinity Free Standing ERs to become ACR Designated Lung Cancer Screening Centers - Sept, 2020
  • First Thoracic Surgeon to channel thoracic lung cancer patients to the newly appointed Medical Center of Trinity Sarah Cannon Thoracic Nurse Navigator – September, 2020
  • Launched the Biodesix Blood-based Lung Nodule Test to identify early stage lung cancers – September, 2020
  • Created a Medical Center of Trinity Video Presentation addressing Lung Nodule Screening and Robotic Surgery options at Medical Center of Trinity – October, 2020
  • Expanded the Medical Center of Trinity Lung Nodule Screening program to include Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point and Oak Hill Hospitals-  November, 2020
  • Instituted the Medical Center of Trinity ROBOTIC Thoracic Surgery program with 98% of Thoracic Surgeries performed robotically/minimally invasively – Sept, 2019 – Dec, 2020
  • First Thoracic Surgeon to present cases at the Sarah Cannon National Thoracic Tumor Board - December, 2020
  • Promoted the purchase of the ION Robotic-Assisted Bronchoscopy System for Lung Biopsy – Jan, 2021
  • Provided the foundation and organization of the Medical Center of Trinity Thoracic Service Line required to submit application for the Sarah Cannon Thoracic Signature Program designation - January 2021