Pasco, Pinellas Hillsborough, FL Medical Center of Trinity will commemorate National Nurses’ Day on Florence Nightingale’s birthday, May 12, with the release of a dozen biodegradable, inflatable dove balloons. The commemoration will take place at 7:15 am on the front lawn of Medical Center of Trinity at 9330 State Road 54, Trinity, Florida 34655.

The commemoration is billed as an “appreciation…recognition…remembrance.” The commemoration poster states:

“For those who came before us…for those who encouraged us along the way…for those who have helped us become the nursing team we are today…and for those who will become the nursing team of tomorrow…”


About Eco Doves Helium Balloons

Eco Dove helium dove balloons are biodegradable, dove-shaped plastic balloons. When filled with helium and released into the air, Eco Doves give the impression of real doves flapping their wings and flying through the air.

Made of 100% biodegradable plastic, Eco Doves are earth friendly and make a uniquely beautiful earth-friendly alternative, and they are approximate 39” by 15” when fully inflated.

What happens when the Eco Dove falls to the ground? When sunlight (ultraviolet light) interacts with the Eco Dove plastic, the plastic begins to decompose, and will eventually break down into water, carbon dioxide and biomass. The overall process, from polymer to water, carbon dioxide and biomass is called oxobiodegradation.

The string used to tie the Eco Dove is also biodegradable.