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Beth White, PT Receives Certification in Lymphedema

Medical Center of Trinity February 12, 2015

Pasco, Pinellas, Hillsborough Counties, Florida – The Medical Center of Trinity announces that that Beth White, PT (Physical Therapist), has completed training in Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) and Complete Decongestive Therapy (CLT) and may now use the credentials CLT.

Certification was provided by the Academy of Lymphatic Studies. During training each course participant is trained in the four components of complete digestive therapy (CDT) and the management of lymphedema affecting a variety of peripheral body parts – upper and lower extremities, head and neck, exterior genitalia, trunkal swelling, pediatric lymphedema, post-surgical and post-traumatic swelling, lymphedema caused by chronic venous insufficiencies and other pathologies, lipedema and more. Upon completion of the course Ms. White was able to differentiate between a variety of peripheral edemas and understand the medical indications and contra-indications of CDT. Furthermore as a therapist she was able to establish a treatment plan for individuals with chronic extremity lymphedema and other conditions and perform the treatments accordingly.

Lymphedema is an accumulation of protein-rich fluid in the superficial tissues and is a very common and serious condition worldwide. It has important pathological and clinical consequences for the patient if left untreated. However, even though it is a lifelong condition, it is a condition that is manageable. Patients with lymphedema require extensive rehab. The more severe, then the more extensive the rehab. At Medical Center of Trinity therapists provide complete decongestive therapy, which involves three parts: 

  1. Manual lymph drainage, whereby fluid is encouraged to flow through massage;
  2. Exercise
  3. Compression using short stretch bandages or compression garments

The purpose is to get the fluid out of the limb.

In addition to the lymphedema treatment, Medical Center of Trinity also offers a support group which meets monthly at Medical Center of Trinity, 9330 State Road 54, Trinity, Florida 34655. Seating is limited and reservations are required. For more information and reservations call 727-834-5630.

The underlying cause in all cases of lymphedema is damage to the lymphatic system, an important part of the immune system that circulates infection fighting proteins throughout the body. According to Kristine Algerre, PT, CKTP, “It is important for family members to get involved. This is why we encourage them to participate in the support group. Lymphedema may be a lifelong condition, but it is very manageable.”

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